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Do we need LIMIT clause in UPDATE and DELETE statements for PostgreSQL?

Was working with MySQL recently. Noticed that UPDATE command of it has special LIMIT clause which is really useful as for me, e.g. UPDATE `Product_download` SET `version`=’9.2.1′ WHERE `product_download_id`=367 LIMIT 1;

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CHM-help for PostgreSQL 9.0

 By the nature of my work, I use PostgreSQL manuals very often since the 8.x versions. And if for earlier versions it is possible to download CHM help file, for version 9.0 that’s not possible. Quick answer why it’s unbearable

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Poll: ALTER TYPE enumtype ADD <what?> ‘newlabel’

Yesterday, Hubert ‘depesz’ Lubaczewski wrote a post about new functionality in PostgreSQL 9.1. In a few words we will have the ability to add new values to the existing ENUM type defined earlier. Thanks God! However, Andrew Dunstan proposed to

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Poll: Do we need SET type in PostgreSQL?

This topic is discussed again and again with huge friend of mine and MySQL sectarian. :) And must confess I agree with him in this particular point of view. For me it’s strange that such powerful database as PostgreSQL, which

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To work or not to work?

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