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PGConf.EU 2012: My schedule

Well, I suppose it’s time to choose the most interesting talks to visit at PGConf.EU 2012. I sketched out a rough list. Wednesday, October 24 11:10 – 12:00 Writing a foreign data wrapper Bernd Helmle 12:10 – 13:00 MultiMaster Replication:

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How to move data from one schema to another in Postgres?

I saw a question today : I have PostpreSQL 9.1. In my database there are 2 schemas: public and test. How can I quickly move all objects and data from public to test? Opps. I’m stuck with this issue for

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Backward compatibility? Never heard of it!

Playing with fresh PostgreSQL 9.2beta2 I cannot find spclocation column of a system catalog pg_tablespace. First my thought was that I’m too tired. But then I found mentioning about this at pgsql-hackers by Magnus Hagander: And IIRC, we don’t actually

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PG 9.2beta2 installation on Windows XP fails? Don’t worry!

Shit happens guys. And sometimes PostgreSQL windows installer fails. Now I’m talking about EnterpriseDB One-Click Installer for PostgreSQL 9.2beta2 particularly. As for me, I got “An error occurred executing the Microsoft VC++ runtime installer” message. Strange. I have a holy

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The tale of how PostgresDAC became the cross-platform component suite

As some probably know Delphi XE2 now have compilers for Win32, Win64, Mac and iOS. And as you probably guessed, we were inundated with questions from our customers about support for this zoo in our DACs. Frankly speaking this situation

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