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Looking through the scan.l

Recently I was browsing the scan.l source code for changes since PostgreSQL 9.0 version. I always do so for new minor and major releases because I use PostgreSQL grammar in my project. Well if you’ll look closer you may find

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Windows path in libpq connection control functions

I already wrote a post about using Windows paths in SQL statements. But today I was playing with SSL connections to PostgreSQL from MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL and found one interesting thing: Windows user! Replace your usual slashes (backslashes,

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Poll: ALTER TYPE enumtype ADD <what?> ‘newlabel’

Yesterday, Hubert ‘depesz’ Lubaczewski wrote a post about new functionality in PostgreSQL 9.1. In a few words we will have the ability to add new values to the existing ENUM type defined earlier. Thanks God! However, Andrew Dunstan proposed to

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Metamorphosis of gram.y: 9.0

PostgreSQL 9.0 is available for a month already, but I remembered only today to update handy HTML version of native gram.y (revision 2.717). Details and tips on using processed file can be found in my previous post.

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Poll: Do we need SET type in PostgreSQL?

This topic is discussed again and again with huge friend of mine and MySQL sectarian. :) And must confess I agree with him in this particular point of view. For me it’s strange that such powerful database as PostgreSQL, which

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