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SQL Source Highlighter – 2

I wrote about on-line source highlighter already. Found another one which suits my needs either.

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PaGoDump: Library selection tutorial

As you probably know the latest PaGoDump 8.4.1 version allows library selection. Here is the tiny video tutorial (~240Kb) about this feature.

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Cognac + Cola

Well… It’s fracking good! PS. One cogniac + three cola… (two for grown up boys… cola… I was talking ’bout cola) ;)

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SQL Source Highlighter

I use source highlighters a lot. But many of them use CSS stuff in the output. Not good. If you need only HTML-formatted sources you should give a try to Source Code Highlighter.

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Code Swarm of the PostgreSQL

Michael Ogawa the Java-developer has developed :) Code Swarm visualization app, which allows to take part in incredible time trip — from the first repository commit till the last one. I could tell you a lot, but you should see

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