“Database Designer for PostgreSQL under Wine” HOWTO


“When’s the Linux version coming out?” – David Fetter was asking me.

“I can’t answer this question yet” – was the answer.

But the magic happens. :) I succeeded to launch Database Designer for PostgreSQL in Wine. The instructions below will help you start Database Designer for MySQL either.


All my tests were made using:

Despite the fact that Wine 1.1.13 marked as development version I strongly suggest you to use exactly this release. Because in 1.0.1 there are a lot of visual artefacts, however functionality is stable.

Configure Wine

Since Database Designer for PostgreSQL uses Microsoft Data Access Components for its Universal and MS Access Database Reverse Engineering we must install appropriate redistributable runtime libraries:

$sh winetricks jet40 mdac28

jet40 – MS Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8
mdac28 – MS MDAC 2.8: Microsoft ODBC drivers, etc.

After this we already can use application with its full functionality. However, fonts used in Designer appear ridged. To fix this we need to install Microsoft Core Fonts (Arial, Courier, Times etc.), but we need to make sure  cabextract utility is present in our system.

In case of Ubuntu we can use the following command to install it:

$sudo apt-get install cabextract

For other distributions it is better to check manuals. To install core fonts we run:

$sh winetricks corefonts

Wine Application Database

In Wine Application Database you can get information on application compatibility with Wine. There are entries for both Database Designers: for PostgreSQL and MySQL.

By the way, you have a good chance to get a free Personal License. Provide some great examples of using Database Designers and results you got under Wine, and receive a license key for free! If you publish them as an article (in your blog, for example), this is only a big plus. Requirements: created with MicroOLAP software, step by step description (How did you make it?), screenshots of the steps taken.

Write a review of MicroOLAP software and publish it on Wine Application Database web-site. You will get a free Personal License key as a reward.

Our goal is to make Database Designers Platinum list member of Wine Application Database. As for now it appears to be Gold List member.


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11 comments on ““Database Designer for PostgreSQL under Wine” HOWTO
  1. kishkin says:

    Hey man!

    What if I do not want to install Microsoft Direct Access Components? Will it still work, any restrictions maybe?

    Thanks for the tutorial, BTW!

  2. pashagolub says:

    Hi kishkin!

    Starting from version 1.2.8 Database Designer for PostgreSQL will not require Microsoft Direct Access Components, but Reverse Engineering for Microsoft Access database will be unavailable. Also Universal Reverse Engineering will be turned off.

    So, everything will work fine, there will be no restrictions.

    You are welcome! :)

  3. kishkin says:


    Reverse Engineering is a nice feature, though I don’t use it much. So, it works for me.

    When 1.2.8 version will be released?


  4. thing says:

    Огромное спасибо за статью!!!!!!

  5. Lyma says:

    Thanks for the great HowTo!
    This ok on my Slackware 12.2 with Wine 1.1.17!

    Can you explain how to earn a personal license? :D

  6. kishkin says:

    Hey, man!

    Take a look at this.


    Also I’ve posted my results to Wine AppDB.

    What about a free license for a homie? ;)

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