12-year-old boy from Texas recites Postgres sources

Daily Bugle reports:

Little boy’s dad:
– I work a lot with open source DBs and as long as I remember Willie was very interested in my work. He always could easily give a function definition without a book.

– But why Postgres?!

“There’s a feeling that MySQL was written by students. Lot’s of garbage all over. While Postgres distinguishes itself by its accuracy and clearness. It’s obvious it was a part of some scientific development” – says Willie.

– So, you can read any file off the top of your head? Even the one with comments?

– Well, some difficult ones I learn singing it. For example, parser files (which are generated by machine, editor’s note). It’s quite clear, learning transition tables by heart, and don’t forget those scary names of IDs,  would’ve been beyond even von Neumann’s power.

– OK, what’s you tune for, say, \src\backend\parser\gram.c? (Result of Bison’s work on gram.y)

– It goes smoothly with something old, e.g. with “Me and Bobby McGee”. But there are sure some difficulties with chorus – sounds like rap.

On our request Willie performed his favorite parts. Surprisingly it was parts from client library libpq. Most of all we were touched by PQExec & PQexecParams function implementations which Willie Pavarotti-style.

On the question, if Willie wants to perform on the big stage, he modestly said: “Of course I do, but only in duet. I’d say with Eminem. Or maybe with Robbie Williams“.

– And your partners would sing sources too? – we asked.

– No, by no means! – laughing. – For them I can only leave comments in the source. Especially melodious comments are the ones by Magnus Hagander.

– What other musical compositions do you want to perform?

– Despite the fact that at the meantime I work in С language, I really want to perform something written in Delphi. Thinking about PostgresDAC actually.

Dear PostgresDAC developers, we hope you are reading this, would you please help this little boy’s dream come true! Would you help Willie’s dream come true!

Sure thing! Specially for Willie we have created unique, one and only Unlimited Commercial License (he’ll sing in public, after all), and at this moment that license is on the board of the plane, charter flight to Texas.

Salvation for humanity isn’t nanotechnology, but love, that will be brought to us by our children, even in a such exotic way!

C’ya! 🙂


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