Very freaking detailed tutorial from kishkin

Howdy, postgresmen!

There was some guy, Sherlok, who couldn’t start DB Designer in Wine properly. And I have no idea what he did wrong as my HOWTO is very simple. Yet it’s short… but not anymore! 😉 kishkin rewrote that tutorial with the screenshots, and there are LOTS OF THEM!

Here is photo, kishkin receving free license for Database Designer for PostgreSQL. Lot’s of friends came for the party. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Very freaking detailed tutorial from kishkin

    • Provide some great examples of using Database Designers and results you got under Wine, and receive a license key for free! If you publish them as an article (in your blog, for example), this is only a big plus. Requirements: created with MicroOLAP software, step by step description (How did you make it?), screenshots of the steps taken.

      Write a review of MicroOLAP software and publish it on Wine Application Database web-site. You will get a free Personal License key as a reward.


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