PostgresDAC meets PostgreSQL 8.4


Oh, it was quite long time for 8.4 version of PostgreSQL to finally get up on it’s feet and stand firmly – 16 months. After a sixteen-month pregnancy, the development team gave birth to a pretty elephant calf. Well done guys!

At the very same day development team of PostgresDAC – the newborn calf’s friend 🙂 – decided to release PostgresDAC 2.5.2 Beta with support for 8.4 server features. And that’s not just an advertising words.

Crux of the matter

We’ve prepared v2.5.2 Beta with a lot of improvements. It was passed our internal tests but this is still beta version.

The main changes directly related to PostgreSQL 8.4 release would be:

  • 8.4 SSL Authentication is implemented
  • TPSQLRestore now supports 8.4 parallel restore
  • 8.4 clients libraries are used including dump\restore libs
  • TPSQLRestore and TPSQLDump 8.4 support includes (see Release Notes for details, section E.
    • roNoTablespace and doNoTablespace options added
    • doIgnoreVersion & roIgnoreVersion options marked as deprecated
    • TPSQLDump.LockWaitTimeout property added
    • Role properties added

From others features without a doubt should be mentioned:

  • TPSQLDataset.Options property added for fine tuning of component behavior
  • TPSQLDatabase.DesignOptions property added for absolute control over stored properties
  • Extended SQL editor for TPSQLQuery added with tables and fields list
  • Special TPSQLGuidField class added


It is worth noting that there were only two bug reports – and they were fixed – in this release and only one was developers’ fault, the other one appeared due to internal changes of Delphi 2009 after Update 3\4.

May the Force be with you, postgresmen!


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