PaGoDump 8.4.1 is available

New PaGoDump is available! At last. We faced with a lot of mystical barriers during this release. It supposed to be public a week ago. Whatever…

New release will provide a brand new functionality — custom library selection!

Now two libraries will be available: 8.3.8 and 8.4.1, but this is only the beginning — 8.2.x branch will be included in the very next release.

P.S. Kishkin, where you got to? 🙂


5 thoughts on “PaGoDump 8.4.1 is available

    1. First of all this is not GUI to pg_dump. This is standalone application.

      – It is portable, installation is not required. May be ran from any removable device.
      – Full support of pg_dump options and output formats.
      – Windows GUI.
      – Unicode.
      – Free.
      – Custom libraries support.
      – Selection of dump objects available.

      BTW, what other GUI front-end to pg_dump do you mean?


      1. Thanks for the clarification.

        The phrase with “anything other than” in it means, “apart from providing a GUI front-end to pg_dump, what does PaGoDump do?” It has nothing to do with other GUIs.

        And yes, I understand that you’re saying PaGoDump isn’t actually a front-end to pg_dump.


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