Some PgMDD-1.2.9 beta details

As recently promised I will shortly disclose the milestones of PgMDD upcoming release.

First of all, PgMDD will have a new look. I have already mentioned about this.

Extended SQL Editor
Extended SQL Editor

But let’s talk about functionality. New release will provide extended SQL Editor with code completion and syntax validation. I hope this might make life better. Now all edits which may hold SQL statements will have ability to open extended SQL Editor, e.g. column DEFAULT value, expression of CHECK constraint, WHERE clause for table rule etc.

It may help you quickly insert tables and functions, columns and parameters, standard PostgreSQL functions and datatypes into SQL script.

ACL Manager
ACL Manager

Also new release will support objects privileges, thus to change them you may use ACL Manager aka Grant Manager.

Due to privileges support new privileges options appear in Database Generation dialogue window as well as options for object’s owner.

And the Database Modification dialogue get “Override grant privileges” option either.

For customization fanatics we prepared special surprise. To see it check Display Preferences dialogue.

Among others improvements I would like to highlight the following:

  • support for VARIADIC parameters;
  • support for window functions;
  • support for database’s LC_COLLATE and LC_CTYPE options.

PS There several bugs were fixed too. But who cares… 🙂

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