PgMDD 1.2.9 released

At last! Details are available on the official site.

Some statistics:

  • [!] 3 important improvements introduced;
  • [+] 9 features added;
  • [*] 7 improved/changed features;
  • [-] 11 bugs eliminated.

P.S. I know I’m late with Thanksgiving presents, but who cares anyway!🙂 I shall give free personal license for Database Designer for PostgreSQL to the first ten commenters… kind commenters.🙂

Take care of yourselves!

UPD: All licenses are given away. Stay tuned! Christmas soon.😉

29 thoughts on “PgMDD 1.2.9 released

  1. Hi,

    Loved the overall concept of this tool. Congratulations for successfully launching Designer.



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