PostgresDAC 2.5.4 released

Ability to set error messages verbosity added. PostgreSQL v8.4.2 client libraries added (including pg_dump & pg_restore).

Full changelog:
[!] TPSQLDatabase.ErrorVerbosity property added
[!] v8.4.2 client libraries added
[!] v8.4.2 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll)
[+] TPSQLDataset descendants support TField.OldValue from now
[+] v8.2.14 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump-8.2.14.dll, pg_restore-8.2.14.dll) added
[*] Support of еnumerated (enum) types improved
[*] Thread safety improved inside low level conversion routines
[*] UTF8 support for versions lower then Delphi 2009 improved
[-] “EConvertError exception occurs rarely when TPSQLDatabase.CommandTimeout changed” bug fixed
[-] “Invalid Pointer Operation in TPSQLTable.IndexDefs.Update” bug fixed
[-] “Missing quotes for BYTEA parameters sent to server” bug fixed
[-] AV in TPSQLQuery.SetParamsFromCursor eliminated

There are both Trial and Full versions of installer of PostgresDAC v2.5.4 available.

You’re welcome to download the PostgresDAC v2.5.4 right now at,
or login to your private area on our site at

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at


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