PostgreSQL vs MySQL: Russian reality

note This article available in Russian.

This post is some kind of statistic about campaign had place on the Russian IT-community site On behalf of the MicroOLAP company we gave away free personal licenses for Database Designers for PostgreSQL and MySQL there.


I will not discover the exact licenses count, but will provide you with statistical torus:


Have no idea how to treat these results. I hope some implications will appear in the comments.


I may also share data on the approximation of the population “layers”

  • 80% — students and teachers (to learn),
  • 5% — freelancers,
  • 3% — state agencies,
  • 2% — girls (judging by their names 😉 ).

One more interesting fact. Database Designer for MySQL is in demand among studying youth and web-freelancers, but Database Designer for PostgreSQL is the matter of significant interest of corporative people. However we didn’t see any strange things that PostgreSQL is seriously considered as an alternative to Oracle, at least, for the new projects.

But we were surprised that nobody asked about support of EnterpriseDB, which is aggressively positioning itself as “PostgreSQL compatible with Oracle”:

Built upon PostgreSQL … offers deeper Oracle® compatibility.


I didn’t include Database Designer for MsSQL in this report because of it’s pre-beta status. «Pre-beta» — is some kind of euphemism for us, application may be used freely — monitor will not blow up. 😉 Just there is no documentation yet and some bugs may reveal themselves.


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