PostgresDAC 2.5.5 overview


MicroOLAP just released PostgresDAC 2.5.5 Release Candidate.

This release introduces the latest 8.4.3 libraries, improvements for user-defined types support, savepoint functionality support, new behaviour options for TPSQLDataset descendants and several bug fixes.

You’re welcome to download it right now.

Or login to your private area on our site to obtain Full version.

What’s new?

The first option specifies to not distinguish NULL value from empty string value. While the second needs some clarification, I believe.

Since PostgreSQL allows user defined types (UDT) creation PostgresDAC need to know how to treat them, e.g. display, modify, store etc.

To simplify this process all unknown types where treated as string fields previously. But the main characteristic of string field in Delphi is it’s length. Unfortunately there is no such information available, so the decision was to take the length of the longest field value. This approach has drawbacks however. The first is you cannot insert (or modify) value longer then the longest value already present in the result set. And the second if the result set is empty length of the field considered to be 0. Now this behaviour changed. If you set dsoUDTAsMaxString option, then UDT fields will be mapped to string fields with length of 8192 (the maximum allowed in Delphi, do not know why).

It’s all clear here. Savepoint, ReleaseSavepoint, RollbackToSavepoint methods added to TPSQLDatabase class.

  • Client, dump and restore libraries updated

The deploy package now contains the latest 8.4.3 libpq client library, dump and restore libraries for versions: 8.4.3, 8.3.10, 8.2.16.

  • Improved support for some types

First of all there were problems with user defined types with OIDs greater then 65535, because PostgresDAC previously stored them as signed integer, but in fact OID is unsigned integer.

Processing of some built-in types (TIMESTAMPTZ, TIMETZ, NAME, CIDR, INET, MACADDR) was rewritten from scratch.

  • Bugs

There are several of them mainly Unicode concerned. No critical bugs this time.


All interested are welcome to download and test this Release Candidate.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system.


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