PostgresDAC 2.5.5 released

This release introduces the latest 8.4.3 libraries, improvements for user-defined types support, savepoint functionality support, new behaviour options for TPSQLDataset descendants and several bug fixes.

Full changelog:
[!] v8.4.3 client libraries added
[!] v8.4.3 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll)
[+] v8.2.16 and v8.3.10 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump_8.x.x.dll, pg_restore_8.x.x.dll)
[+] dsoEmptyCharAsNull option added to TPSQLDataaset.Options property
[+] dsoUDTAsMaxString option added to TPSQLDataaset.Options property
[+] Methods Savepoint, ReleaseSavepoint, RollbackToSavepoint added to TPSQLDatabase
[+] Some unit tests added for RAD Studio 2010
[*] Current record position preserved after changing index or performing local sort
[*] Improved processing for NAME, TIME WITH TIMEZONE, TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE field types
[*] Improved support for network address types (inet, cidr, macaddr)
[*] Improved support for user-defined types with OIDs greater then 65535
[*] Prevent “:” character followed by non-printable character in TPSQLQuery.SQL to be treated as parameter
[*] Prevented index info fetching for non-table datasets
[*] Thread safety improved for date\time low level conversion routines
[*] TPSQLStoredProc.Overload is set to 0 if StoredProcName were changed from now
[*] UTF8 encoding is not performed for connection parameters in IDE’s prior to Delphi 2009
[*] XML type mapped to TMemoField from now
[-] “Cannot obtain parameters from server if TPSQLStoredProc.Overload differs from default value” bug fixed
[-] “In IDE versions prior to 2009 using UTF-8 client encoding corrupts data display” bug fixed
[-] “Range methods (SetRange, SetRangeStart, SetRangeEnd) may fail on string values if UTF8 used” bug fixed
[-] “TPSQLDatabase.SelectString doesn’t return aDefaultValue if aFieldNumber less then zero” bug fixed
[-] “TPSQLTable.Options change have no effect” bug fixed
[-] “Wrong time value passed to server in some system date and time regional options, e.g. Italian” bug fixed
[-] Unwanted Assert() call eliminated in TPSQLDataset.Lookup method

There are both Trial and Full versions of installer of PostgresDAC v2.5.5 available.

You’re welcome to download the PostgresDAC v2.5.5 right now at,
or login to your private area on our site at

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at


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