PostgreSQL v9.0.0 client libraries update

We (in MicroOLAP Technologies) just finished client libraries update for 9.0.0 version.

Quick facts:

  • Two packages were updated:
    • Deployment libraries shipped with PostgreSQL installation
    • Deployment libraries built with MinGW environment
  • Both packages are built against 9.0.0 version of PostgreSQL
  • Dump and restore libraries for 8.4.x, 8.3.x and 8.2.x PostgreSQL branches are included into “Deployment libraries built with MinGW environment” package
  • Included dump and restore libraries (pg_dump-x.x.x.dll, pg_restore-x.x.x.dll) may be used with PaGoDump and PaGoRestore utilities respectively.

Have a nice day!


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