CHM-help for PostgreSQL 9.0

 CHM IconBy the nature of my work, I use PostgreSQL manuals very often since the 8.x versions. And if for earlier versions it is possible to download CHM help file, for version 9.0 that’s not possible.

Quick answer why it’s unbearable to use online version – PostgreSQL manual consists of the 1036 topics and I don’t like search engine on the site at all. It is also worth noting that the tree of contents in CHM version speeds up navigation a lot!

Good friend of mine, colleague, passionate fan of Perl Edward Smirnov obsessed with creating a utility capable to compile the help in CHM format using a set of HTML / SGML files shipped with PostgreSQL. He managed this! The only thing missing is the Index (HHK file in CHM archive) support.

However, even without this feature such manual a hundred times more comfortable for me than the online counterpart. Especially I’m excited about lightning full-text searches.

We’ve put PostgreSQL 9.0 CHM manual at PgMDD and PostgresDAC download pages, welcome to download it from here, or there.


10 thoughts on “CHM-help for PostgreSQL 9.0

  1. I don’t recall seeing a patch or even a proposal from you on this matter to date. Perhaps engaging on -hackers, especially now that you have the beginnings of a toolkit, would be the next useful step.


  2. The PostgreSQL documentation is written in DocBook, and several DocBook toolkits have CHM as an output target. You might want to back up a step and look at what tools are already out there.


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