PostgresDAC 2.7.0 is out!

This release introduces support for RAD Studio XE2 (including Win32 & Win64 compilers) and PostgreSQL 9.1. Database engine packages for FastReport added. Migration component improved a lot.

Full changelog:
[!] Support for RAD Studio XE2 added
[!] v9.1.0 client libraries added
[!] v9.1.0 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll)
[!] DB engine for FastReport added
[-] “TPSQLDump ignores TPSQLDatabase.Params on connection” bug fixed
[+] Ability to convert MySQLDAC components by TBDE2PSQLDAC added
[+] ConvertComponents property added to TBDE2PSQL migration component
[+] dfDirectory format added to TPSQLDump
[+] SourceConnection property added to TBDE2PSQL migration component
[+] TPSQLDump doNoSecurityLabels option added to exclude security labels from dump
[+] TPSQLDump doNoUnloggedTableData option added to exclude contents of unlogged tables from the dump
[+] TPSQLDump doQuoteAllIdentifiers option added to force quoting of all identifiers
[+] TPSQLDump doSerializableDeferrable option added to use a serializable transaction for the dump
[+] TPSQLNotify.SendNotify supports Payload parameter
[+] TPSQLNotify.UnlistenAll method added
[+] XE2 SSH packages added

You’re welcome to download the PostgresDAC v2.7.0 right now at:
or login to your private area on our site at


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