Popularity of database servers by Jelastic PaaS

Today found an interesting statistics by Jelastic platform on database servers used in November 2011.

As before, MySQL is still the leader. PosgreSQL takes second place of honor, followed by MariaDB. Only one of the NoSQL databases MongoDB showed very good results in November.

If compare current data with the October, we can conclude that the number of fans did not change.

Current numbers:

Europe North America Total
MySQL 45% 44% 44%
PostgreSQL 17% 12% 21%
MariaDB 18% 24% 15%
MongoDB 20% 20% 20%

According to the table we need PgConf.eu twice a year. ;)


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3 comments on “Popularity of database servers by Jelastic PaaS
  1. gregj says:

    Wouldn’t call nosql things databases really, and put them in the same bag as sql dbs ;)

  2. Dutch says:

    Hey, Pasha. Actually, the number of “fans” at Jelastic has almost double in the last month and half. Thanks for being interested. I would point out that the stats are Jelastic’s stats: basically, the stats were on what people are using the most with Jelastic.

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