LibreOffice announces native support for PostgreSQL

Today I found out about new release of LibreOffice (version 3.5), which is now my choice instead of MS Office and it’s brother OpenOffice killed by Oracle.

And the most pleasant surprise is PostgreSQL native support added in this minor release.

I remember messages by Lionel Elie Mamane sent to pgsql-hackers list. And the problems LibO community was faced with. Kudos guys!

BTW, how did you manage cross platform compilation of libpq library, especially for MacOS? And how do you provide on Macs?


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3 comments on “LibreOffice announces native support for PostgreSQL
  1. mithnae says:

    There was a cross-platform UNO package providing SDBC Postgres connectivity for ages. I have been using it with OOo since version 1.x
    I do not remember exactly, but there was built-in support of win32 and linux32 at least. The libpq was staticaly linked into respective uno component AFAIR.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good news!

  3. Rendering PostGIS Raster graphics with LibreOffice Base Reports…

    I was excited to learn from Pasha Golub’s blog LibreOffice Base 3.5 now comes packaged with native PostgreSQL driver so no separate configuration is required. The connection string syntax follows the old SBC native driver of prior OpenOffice versions …

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