MicrOLAP Database Designer with PostgreSQL 9.2 support is out!

PgMDD boxDatabase Designer for PostgreSQL is an easy CASE tool which works natively under Windows OS family and Linux under Wine/WineHQ.

In this release we focused on changes in the 9.2 version of the PostgreSQL server:

  • Support for new JSON, SMALLSERIAL and range types introduced.
  • Internal SQL parser improved a lot and is fully compatible with PostgreSQL SQL dialect.
  • Collation support for tables introduced as well.
  • LEAKPROOF stored routine specification is supported from now, as well as security_barrier option added for views.
  • And of course all known bugs are fixed.

    You’re welcome to download the Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.8.4 right now at:

    Full changelog:

    [!] Color Palette customization ability added
    [!] User Type and Domain selection tab added to reverse Engineering dialog
    [+] COLLATION support for table columns added
    [+] COMMENT clauses now proccessed by SQL Reverse Engineering
    [+] JSON type support added
    [+] Support for built-in range types added (INT4RANGE, INT8RANGE, NUMRANGE etc.)
    [+] LEAKPROOF function specification added
    [+] security_barrier option added for views
    [+] SMALLSERIAL data type added
    [*] “Import from SQL Script” dialog allows to edit script if error occured
    [-] “SQL Reverse Engineering cannot import function with argument of anyelement type” bug fixed
    [-] “SQL Reverse Engineering cannot import function with name Op” bug fixed
    [-] Random “List index out of bounds” error fixed during Reverse Engineering of enum types
    [-] “Cannot clear CHECK clause for DOMAIN in the UDT Editor” bug fixed
    [-] “Drag-and-drop multiple selected items causes all to go in top left hand corner” bug fixed
    [-] “Reverse Engineering of tablespaces broken in PostgreSQL 9.2” bug fixed
    [-] “Temporary property of views is not saved” bug fixed

    Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at


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