I’m fraking idiot!

Never! Never try to kill a fly on 40″ LCD screen!


in Russian

Ой, соскучился я да по языку-то русскому. Ой, истосковался. Все же на буржуинском этом пишу да пишу.

Люди добрые, это где это видано, да чтобы мужик русский не мог бы на блоге своем православном да по-русски душу излить?!

И поди нету над нами славянаме супостата никакого, а не юзаем мы речь нашу.

Фух. Отлегло. Водки бы теперича. Да с селедушкой. 🙂

О.С. Зачал блог тут православный для конторы одной. Не денег ради. Любви к ближнему из-за…

Dialog Windows Trick

Wow. I worked with Windows a lot of time. But today I discovered amazing thing. To copy dialog window content just press Ctrl +C.

Imagine Notepad asks you about closing unsaved document:

Abra… Hmm… cadabra… Whatever 🙂 The result is:

The text in the Untitled file has changed.

Do you want to save the changes?
Yes No Cancel

Fraking magic! 🙂 Take care people!

PS This trick is for standard dialog windows only (MessageBoxXXX stuff).

A Developer’s work Dream

Alexthunder, a nice guy I think, posted an article to his live journal. It is about every developer’s self perception. It’s a great stuff. So, here it comes:

So, I’ve been on vacation first time in my life… somebody never got a chance of going to one in his entire life, I suppose.

I don’t know if it is healthy or not – to be this distracted from work for almost a month. I don’t know yet how it will effect my work productivity. But in my vacation time I finally realized something I had lots of thinking about but couldn’t form a complete thought of. Continue reading “A Developer’s work Dream”