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MERGE in PostgreSQL

Found cool trick how today implement Orable MERGE in PostgreSQL: Oracle statement:   MERGE INTO acme_obj_value d USING ( SELECT object_id         FROM   acme_state_tmp       ) s ON (d.object_id = s.object_id)   WHEN matched

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Delphi: Warnigs → Errors


Want to force your dev team to address Compiler Warnings rather than ignoring them? Elevate Warnings to Errors: 1) Go to Project Options 2) Under Delphi Compiler, select Hints and Warnings 3) Expand the Output warnings item 4) For each

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Get PostgreSQL sources using SVN

As you probably know PostgreSQL sources are managed by Git version control system. Which is great, but for me as SVN user it would be much better to get access to the sources using familiar tools, e.g. TortoiseSVN. Mainly because

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Dump and restore of PostgreSQL: version compatibility FAQ

Many newbies are confused about how PostgreSQL dump and restore work. And even more questions appeared about version mismatches of the server itself and tools used. After fresh PostgresDAC release we’ve faced with the same questions. Utilities used for dump

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Development using Lazarus and PostgresDAC. Installation

Preface There are a lot of tools for PostgreSQL development. I want to propose you one more. Why Lazarus: Lazarus is shipped with open-source Pascal compiler; it has a high degree of Delphi compatibility; availability on a variety of platforms,

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Do we need LIMIT clause in UPDATE and DELETE statements for PostgreSQL?

Was working with MySQL recently. Noticed that UPDATE command of it has special LIMIT clause which is really useful as for me, e.g. UPDATE `Product_download` SET `version`=’9.2.1′ WHERE `product_download_id`=367 LIMIT 1;

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Number into words convertion in PostgreSQL

I was playing with some unit tests for PostgresDAC recently. And one test case was to check TPSQLDataset.Locate routine which allows partial-string and case-sensitive matching options. So I want to have some test result set with integer and text columns.

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