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Dump and restore of PostgreSQL: version compatibility FAQ

Many newbies are confused about how PostgreSQL dump and restore work. And even more questions appeared about version mismatches of the server itself and tools used. After fresh PostgresDAC release we’ve faced with the same questions. Utilities used for dump

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Development using Lazarus and PostgresDAC. Installation

Preface There are a lot of tools for PostgreSQL development. I want to propose you one more. Why Lazarus: Lazarus is shipped with open-source Pascal compiler; it has a high degree of Delphi compatibility; availability on a variety of platforms,

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Number into words convertion in PostgreSQL

I was playing with some unit tests for PostgresDAC recently. And one test case was to check TPSQLDataset.Locate routine which allows partial-string and case-sensitive matching options. So I want to have some test result set with integer and text columns.

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The tale of how PostgresDAC became the cross-platform component suite

As some probably know Delphi XE2 now have compilers for Win32, Win64, Mac and iOS. And as you probably guessed, we were inundated with questions from our customers about support for this zoo in our DACs. Frankly speaking this situation

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Holiday discounts on pgmdd & postgresdac

Holidays came suddenly. I know we’re little bit late with Christmas presents, but who cares anyway! Everybody is welcome to use “Christmas” coupon code till January 14 for 20% discount on any product from MicroOLAP Technologies including the most robust

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PostgresDAC meets Delphi XE2

We here, in MicroOLAP, have conducted tests of the new Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2. And with the all responsibility we may say that PostgresDAC is ready for use with it.

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Delete tuple from libpq’s PGresult

I wrote how to modify result set in underlying libpq’s PGresult object with new ones. But there was no solution for deletion. Here I want to propose one solution. The main idea is to copy existing PGresult content to the

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