PgMDD The Glamourousest. Most wanted

News from workshop!

It seems the new PgMDD will be slightly more glamorous than fully. Have a look:

As it was: not_ero
Hey, DBA! Make your beard even more glamorous… with a brand new PgMDD! 😉


Christmas freebie

It's me. Howdy, postgresmen!

I wanna make you a present in the proud name of microOLAP The Generous.

It is the deal which is as great as a FREE T-SHIRTS. 🙂

Holidays came suddenly and in my crazy turn I suddenly decided to give away licenses for PostgreSQL DB Designer for FREE.

All I ask is to leave a few kind, memorable words as a comment to this post and both our holidays will be a bit warmer. C’mon! Give old man a hug!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Joe Sixpack.

P.S.: Do not forget your real name and e-mail in your comment for license.

P.P.S.: If you cannot find your comment then it was deleted for some reason. If you cannot comment no more then the freeload is over.