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Delphi: Warnigs → Errors


Want to force your dev team to address Compiler Warnings rather than ignoring them? Elevate Warnings to Errors: 1) Go to Project Options 2) Under Delphi Compiler, select Hints and Warnings 3) Expand the Output warnings item 4) For each

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Get PostgreSQL sources using SVN

As you probably know PostgreSQL sources are managed by Git version control system. Which is great, but for me as SVN user it would be much better to get access to the sources using familiar tools, e.g. TortoiseSVN. Mainly because

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Development using Lazarus and PostgresDAC. Installation

Preface There are a lot of tools for PostgreSQL development. I want to propose you one more. Why Lazarus: Lazarus is shipped with open-source Pascal compiler; it has a high degree of Delphi compatibility; availability on a variety of platforms,

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Backward compatibility? Never heard of it!

Playing with fresh PostgreSQL 9.2beta2 I cannot find spclocation column of a system catalog pg_tablespace. First my thought was that I’m too tired. But then I found mentioning about this at pgsql-hackers by Magnus Hagander: And IIRC, we don’t actually

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Engineering Management: Why are software development task estimations regularly off by a factor of 2-3?

Found the greatest post ever about development planning. That’s why I do not prefer long terms plans.

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Why you cannot create table and PK constraint with the same name

Very interesting message appeared on the list today: When I do this CREATE TABLE “T1” ( “T1_ID” bigint NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT “T1” PRIMARY KEY (“T1_ID” ) ); I get the following message: NOTICE: CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will

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PostgresDAC meets Delphi XE2

We here, in MicroOLAP, have conducted tests of the new Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2. And with the all responsibility we may say that PostgresDAC is ready for use with it.

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