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Non-obvious ALTER statements are gone

Decided to read PostgreSQL 8.4 Release notes before going to sleep and was pleasantly surprised. The fact of ALTER statements mess (which I described in my post) is now fixed: Modify the ALTER TABLE syntax to allow all reasonable combinations

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Metamorphosis of gram.y: 8.4 beta1

PostgreSQL 8.4 beta1 is out. Thus grammar will not be changed a lot I suppose. :) So I decided to update handy HTML version of native gram.y (revision 2.663). Details and tips on using processed file can be found in

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Windows path in PostgreSQL statements

This article available in Russian. There are not so many statements which take filesystem path as an argument. Of the top of my head: CREATE TABLESPACE … CREATE FUNCTION … (in case of dynamic loading C-Language functions) So, the thing

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Metamorphosis of gram.y

I often work with YACC (Bison) grammars, but still didn’t find comfortable editor for them. So I’m still using Notepad for this purpose. However, some time ago I found Perl script called as far as I remember, which produces

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