PG 9.2beta2 installation on Windows XP fails? Don’t worry!

Shit happens guys. And sometimes PostgreSQL windows installer fails. Now I’m talking about EnterpriseDB One-Click Installer for PostgreSQL 9.2beta2 particularly.

As for me, I got “An error occurred executing the Microsoft VC++ runtime installer” message. Strange. I have a holy zoo of different runtimes on my test machine.

For those of you who need my advice. Run installer with additional parameter:

postgresql-9.2.0-beta2-windows.exe --install_runtimes 0

This will run installer without VC runtime check.

PS If you’ll need VC runtime you always may find it on the MS official site.


PostgreSQL-8.4 Beta2 Windows installation issue

First of all, we have faced with the new brand installer provided by EnterpriseDB. Who cares… 🙂

Anyway. I was asked about ‘postgres’ service account password.

First of all, I didn’t remember if I specified it for previous installations at all (when it was, without a doubt, created). And the last but not least, I had no idea how to get this password or even change it.

God bless Internet and Google his prophet.

warning For whom it may concern! To fix this “neponyatka” (непонятка, rus. – thingy plunged smb into stupor) go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> System Tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users and there you may delete ‘postgres’ account, or change it password.

May the force be with you young postgresmen!