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PostgresDAC is Weaver compatible now

PostgresDAC component suite is now officially included into RAD Studio 2010 (Weaver) Compatible Third Party Tools & Components list. As well as it’s brother DAC for MySQL.

There are two more nominations where these guys are listed:

  1. C++Builder 2010 Compatible Third Party Tools & Components;
  2. Delphi 2010 Compatible Third Party Tools & Components.
RAD Studio compatible Delphi_compatible_btn" C++Builder_compatible_btn

Of course one may think it was done automatically (these are three different lists indeed), since Delphi & CB are parts of the RAD Studio, but we are happy anyways. 🙂

Way to go!

And God bless Blaise… i mean Pascal… mean Wirth for Pascal… which is now Delphi… whatever! 🙂

Mixing datasets

One user asked me:

I have master-detail application using PostgresDAC. But I want to set for each TPSQLDataset descendant it’s own TPSQLDatabase. Is it possible?

The answer was:

Have no idea why do you need this, but we’ve checked this functionality and we are confirming that this can be done.

Why am I writing about this? Because curiosity is in the blood. 🙂 My next step was to mix TMySQLDataset descendant from MySQLDAC as master and PostgresDAC’s object as slave. Holy molly! It works. Then I tried another TDataset descendants from BDE, ADO, FIBPlus etc.

They can be mixed any way you want. Yeah, baby! True perversion. 🙂