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Metamorphosis of gram.y: 9.0

PostgreSQL 9.0 is available for a month already, but I remembered only today to update handy HTML version of native gram.y (revision 2.717). Details and tips on using processed file can be found in my previous post.

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Script slicing by PgMDD

Preface November, 4th. Release Candidate 1 of Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.9 become available. Among three changes comparing to the last beta there is the one which attracts attention — “Execute Script In Single Transaction (Alt + F9)” functionality added.

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Simple Parse Tree

It was amazing cognac time and talking about parser with a good old college friend. E.g. to demonstrate how PostgreSQL analyses some queries. Statement SELECT field1 AS customer FROM “FooSchema”.”Bar” inside server’s brain will become: stmtmulti stmt SelectStmt select_no_parens simple_select

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