Backward compatibility? Never heard of it!

Playing with fresh PostgreSQL 9.2beta2 I cannot find spclocation column of a system catalog pg_tablespace. First my thought was that I’m too tired. But then I found mentioning about this at pgsql-hackers by Magnus Hagander:

And IIRC, we don’t actually *use* spclocation anywhere. How about we
just get rid of them as independents?

Oh, really?!!! WTF? How about other developers, ha? I’m using this. I really do. Don’t know how about other guys, but I will need additional nasty checks for server version to know what should I use: pg_get_tablespace_location(oid) or tablespace.spclocation

Thanks a lot guys! Way to go!


PG 9.2beta2 installation on Windows XP fails? Don’t worry!

Shit happens guys. And sometimes PostgreSQL windows installer fails. Now I’m talking about EnterpriseDB One-Click Installer for PostgreSQL 9.2beta2 particularly.

As for me, I got “An error occurred executing the Microsoft VC++ runtime installer” message. Strange. I have a holy zoo of different runtimes on my test machine.

For those of you who need my advice. Run installer with additional parameter:

postgresql-9.2.0-beta2-windows.exe --install_runtimes 0

This will run installer without VC runtime check.

PS If you’ll need VC runtime you always may find it on the MS official site.