PgMDD v1.8.0-beta with Unicode support is out!

As I wrote in my previous post, we spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to make PgMDD Unicode friendly. And now there is finish line in sight.

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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL v1.8.0-beta.

“Why 1.8?” – one may ask. Yes, indeed. Our last stable release was v1.3.2, so why such a huge leap?

There are two reasons. The first, Unicode support is a milestone for the branch v2.x of the product. Thus half the job is done.

The second, is more tricky. As you probably know i18n numeronym stands for internationalization (where 18 stands for the number of letters between the first i and last n). And we sincerely believe that the Unicode support is a prerequisite for proper internationalization.

That’s the story!


PgMDD is on the way to Unicode support

Our development team spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to make PgMDD Unicode friendly. Well, it’s almost done… at least we can show some screenshots without a twinge of conscience.

Unicode is almost here

PS For those smart guys who understand Hebrew: don’t be afraid. That’s just because PC on screenshot has not RTL script support. 😉

PostgresDAC 2.6.0 released!

This release introduces PostgreSQL 9.x and RAD Studio XE support, the latest client libraries, native geometric types support, support for NOTIFY/LISTEN payload argument.

Full changelog:
[!] RAD Studio XE support added
[!] TPSQLPointField, TPSQLCircleField, TPSQLBoxField, TPSQLLSegField added
[!] v9.0.0 client libraries added
[!] v9.0.0 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll)
[!] Payload argument proccessing added for new NOTIFY syntax to TPSQLNotify
[*] Locate() and FindKey() methods respect current filter now
[*] Test case for UUID fields added
[-] “Sometimes Locate() method do not work properly for fields not in active index” bug fixed
[-] “TPSQLDataset.AffectetRows always returns 0” bug fixed
[-] “UUID field values are corrupted in IDE higher then 2009 if UTF8 encoding used” bug fixed

There are both Trial and Full versions of installer of PostgresDAC v2.6.0 available.

You’re welcome to download the PostgresDAC v2.6.0 right now at,
or login to your private area on our site at

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

PostgresDAC takes the baton

PostgreSQL started the v8.4.1 race and PostgresDAC takes the baton – new release with 8.4.1 support is already available.

Alongside with orphanhood solution now you may manually choose what library should be used by TPSQLDump and TPSQLRestore.

For those who stuck in the past, dump and restore libraries for 8.3.x server branch available either. 😉

Take care!

P.S.: Yeah, btw – “Baton” in Russian means “long loaf”. Holy true! Go Google it! 🙂

PaGoDump: release & trick


First of all my congratulations to the whole advanced mankind – PaGoDump v1.0.2 is out!

For people in the tank PaGoDump v1.0.2 is a free GUI Windows utility for backing up a PostgreSQL database with Unicode support.


Now that PaGoDump takes command-line parameters and pgAdmin III v1.10 supports plugins as well, I rushed to take advantage of this:

  1. Open %pgAdmin%\plugins.ini configuration file in your favourite text editor
  2. Add these lines:
; PaGoDump (Windows):
Command=”C:\PaGoDump\PaGoDump.exe” –host=”$$HOSTNAME” –port=$$PORT –user=”$$USERNAME” –db=”$$DATABASE” –pwd=”$$PASSWORD”
Description=Perform a backup of the current database.

Pay attention that Command option is the one long line.

PaGoDump as pgAdmin plugin
PaGoDump as pgAdmin plugin

Take care!

PaGoDump v1.0.1 is out

PaGoDump v1.0.1 released – Win32 GUI utility for PostgreSQL dump fully compatible with native pg_dump, but with Unicode object names and file names support!

Changes since 1.0.0:
[!] Support for PostgreSQL 8.3.6 added
[+] Encoding option added
[-] “Misordering of PaGoDump output for composite types” bug fixed

You can download PaGoDump at
Product usage description: