SQL Source Highlighter – 2

I wrote about on-line source highlighter already. Found another one which suits my needs either.


Code Swarm of the PostgreSQL

Michael Ogawa the Java-developer has developed 🙂 Code Swarm visualization app, which allows to take part in incredible time trip — from the first repository commit till the last one.

I could tell you a lot, but you should see it (and hear it — make it louder): PostgreSQL visualized commit history.

The more and more developers access the same file, the closer it moves to others, and then finally being grouped with them, forming a colored halo.

PaGoDump’s version leap

From reliable sources it became known that next release of PaGoDump – a GUI Windows utility for backing up a PostgreSQL database built with MicroOLAP PostgresDAC – will have 8.4.0 version string.

This is only to avoid confusion. Henceforth PaGoDump will have the same version as the PostgreSQL server it was built for.

If some releases will come out during the same server release, then only the build number will be increased.

Next official release of the PaGoDump is scheduled at the end of this week.

PaGoDump: release & trick


First of all my congratulations to the whole advanced mankind – PaGoDump v1.0.2 is out!

For people in the tank PaGoDump v1.0.2 is a free GUI Windows utility for backing up a PostgreSQL database with Unicode support.


Now that PaGoDump takes command-line parameters and pgAdmin III v1.10 supports plugins as well, I rushed to take advantage of this:

  1. Open %pgAdmin%\plugins.ini configuration file in your favourite text editor
  2. Add these lines:
; PaGoDump (Windows):
Command=”C:\PaGoDump\PaGoDump.exe” –host=”$$HOSTNAME” –port=$$PORT –user=”$$USERNAME” –db=”$$DATABASE” –pwd=”$$PASSWORD”
Description=Perform a backup of the current database.

Pay attention that Command option is the one long line.

PaGoDump as pgAdmin plugin
PaGoDump as pgAdmin plugin

Take care!