Hackers and Bugs are heavy loaded lists. So it’s wise to turn notification off for them. This may be done using Gmail’s filters. “Mark as Read” is the key to success.

Filters looking for terms in Subject
Filters looking for terms in Subject

Yesterday I began to receive strange notifications on my phone from GMail. First was from Stephen Frost, then from Tatsuo Ishii and so on.

I was sure that unlikely all these good people were mailing to me directly, so I opened my mail client to throw some light on the situation.

The letter from Stephen explained what is happening – pgsql-hackers and pgsql-bugs mailing lists migrated to a new software known as ‘PGLister’. You may find all details following this link https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/PGLister_Announce.

The “Subject:” header will no longer be changed to include the name of the list (for example, “[HACKERS]”).

Aha, I see now. So my filters are not working anymore. Time for changes.

If you filter your email based on those “Subject:” header insertions, you will need to adjust your filtering rules. We recommend looking at the industry standard “List-ID:” header instead.

You should use “list: pgsql-hackers.lists.postgresql.org” in “Has the words” field now.

Use "list: " operator instead
Use “list: ” operator instead

Then apply some labels, mark as read and, of course, never send it to Spam!

2017-11-14 09_43_41-Search results - pavel.golub@gf.microolap.com - Microolap Mail
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