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LibreOffice announces native support for PostgreSQL

Today I found out about new release of LibreOffice (version 3.5), which is now my choice instead of MS Office and it’s brother OpenOffice killed by Oracle. And the most pleasant surprise is PostgreSQL native support added in this minor

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Delete tuple from libpq’s PGresult

I wrote how to modify result set in underlying libpq’s PGresult object with new ones. But there was no solution for deletion. Here I want to propose one solution. The main idea is to copy existing PGresult content to the

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Editing result set using libpq functions

Many of us use libpq client library to access PostgreSQL. And so we do in our PostgresDAC component suite. Very often you don’t want to refresh result set on client side after insert\update\delete some row especially if result set is

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Windows path in libpq connection control functions

I already wrote a post about using Windows paths in SQL statements. But today I was playing with SSL connections to PostgreSQL from MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL and found one interesting thing: Windows user! Replace your usual slashes (backslashes,

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PostgreSQL v9.0.0 client libraries update

We (in MicroOLAP Technologies) just finished client libraries update for 9.0.0 version. Quick facts: Two packages were updated: Deployment libraries shipped with PostgreSQL installation Deployment libraries built with MinGW environment Both packages are built against 9.0.0 version of PostgreSQL Dump

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libpq stands for…

I always was interested why PostgreSQL client library named “libpq”. Of course I guessed that “lib” means “library”, but there are two more characters left. I supposed that “p” is some how connected with “Postgres”. But I have no any

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PostgresDAC 2.5.5 released

This release introduces the latest 8.4.3 libraries, improvements for user-defined types support, savepoint functionality support, new behaviour options for TPSQLDataset descendants and several bug fixes. Full changelog: [!] v8.4.3 client libraries added [!] v8.4.3 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll)

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